Once in an art lesson, an eleven -year -old student wiped his work to a hole. It happens. Nevertheless, the drawing with access to the “other dimension” turned out to be very picturesque and hit the board. A spontaneous competition arose for the “best, most interesting hole”.

And so it turned out a small masterpiece, where on a yellowish-greenish background, holes flying, like in space. And-a signature-call: “It is impossible to close all the holes in a fast-flying life”. It is not known whether the young creator came up with her himself or took-the-praised-praised from somewhere-it is not important.

There are aphorisms, sayings, phrases resembling mantras. We can say that these are “spells” really acting on us or – a fashionable phrase – “programming codes”. At least like, however, however. All their beauty and power is that it is worth pronouncing them at the right time – when the state of decay, failure, frustration, and soil losses under the feet are possessed from the inability to cope with life – they turn out to be a straw, in time, which is in time with consciousness lined with consciousnessour doubtful frustrated “I”.

Almost magical, that is, in the language of esoteric-bioenergetics-exams-“work”. So healing from the Self -High Self -Assembly about chronic subtitles of the phrases “for every day” can be the saying of Kozma Prutkov “you cannot embrace the immense”, and Gregory of the pan “difficult is not necessary, and the necessary is not difficult”, and many others, and many others. They harmonize us, lead to equilibrium, relieve neurosis.

This is – the art of stopping.

In the end: We are for the world or the world for us? We are for business or business for us?

As if – not against us?

Mutual, and therefore – mutually respectable and careful.

You try to be in time, tearing, tearing,


but. Household, business, creative and other “holes” of the defense deck remain again and again. They cannot be “stuck” without a serious breakdown into overvoltage, depression, neurasthenia or hysteria. Remain – and this is normal!

Remember: “Stop, look back”?

Some are intuitive. One of my friends was terribly annoyed that the son of draft age, studying at a technical school, did not seriously collect the necessary certificates to try to avoid the army. While he was a schoolboy, she along with him from case to case went to the doctors. And then – he “turned on the brake”, as they say now, and she could do anything with this. I almost resigned it that, most likely, sooner or later it would have to be exposed to the army.

Time passed, the son received the next agenda and went through all the authorities himself. He behaved competently, there were enough medical contraindications, and he received the desired “not suitable in peacetime”. That is, he simply did not fuss and did not be ahead of the event, although his mother was nervous, in a hurry, and she can be understood.

A familiar businessman said: “Yes, if all the ideas were embodied, the horror would be, God forbid. “So with business: not always and not all of them should be made in time. Sometimes time, our own slowness and even laziness are smarter than us. Therefore, we should not forget that we, as part of nature, are the inhabitants of the spatio-temporal environment, which has its inertia and viscosity, in our artificially created business pace we have the right to creative healing “fading”.

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